Life’s journey is full of challenges, changes and turning points. Sometimes you may find yourself turning down a new, unexpected path, filled with grief, fear, doubt, or feelings of being overwhelmed. You may discover that carrying the pain of having been through difficult or traumatic life experiences, you are ready to turn towards exploring support in healing. At times, a turning point may come as you realize old patterns of behavior do not serve you any longer. Perhaps, the turning point may be one you have decided to set in motion to find more joy in your daily life, improve upon relationships, or attain personal growth.

Welcome! to Turning Pointe Counseling & Consulting & Turning Pointe Neurofeedback, a professional counseling practice operated by Kelly Bulinski in Powell, Ohio. Kelly is honored to serve the greater Columbus area community by offering psychotherapy and consultation services in a welcoming and supportive environment. Her passion is to help individuals discover their strengths, find balance, and seek wellness.

To continue to provide optimal options in healing, Kelly Bulinski has integrated Neurofeedback into her practice. This combination of Neurofeedback & Psychotherapy provides a truly holistic approach in healing brain, mind & body.

The commitment of Turning Pointe Counseling & Consulting and Turning Pointe Neurofeedback is to provide a safe haven and opportunity where individuals may take steps toward making desired changes, gain insights, identify patterns of thinking, and resolve unhelpful behaviors and emotional struggles.

Additional information about therapy services, treatment approaches, helpful links and other resources can be found under the menu provided. I invite you to please explore my website and when you are ready to work toward making changes in your own life, please give me a call to get started.

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